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Smokeless tobacco

Seen in a historic perspective, smokeless tobacco is a modern expression for a traditional product category. This category includes tobacco products that are sniffed in the nose, sucked or chewed in the mouth. Smokeless tobacco is hence not burned to produce smoke for inhalation (therefore smokeless). It is enjoyed in direct contact with oral or nasal membranes, where it is allowed to deliver its flavors.


The scientific literature on smokeless tobacco products is sparse compared to that on smoking products. In-depth chemical studies have not been published, and manufacturing methods and ingredients are generally well protected secrets of the manufacturers. It has therefore not been possible to give a comprehensive survey of the field in the present chapter. Our intention has been rather to give a brief description of some of the many types of smokeless tobacco products encountered around the world today. The tobaccos most commonly used in such products are presented and so are some of the manufacturing methods described. Chemical characteristics of some smokeless tobacco products are provided.


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